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A new journey with functional medicine

Well friends it’s been far too long since I’ve posted and rather than trying to fool you with all kinds of assorted excuses I’ll just tell you that I’ve been extremely fatigued and lacking the energy it takes to even try to keep up with a blog. After a year of taking a controlled substance for what the doctor said was narcolepsy only to find myself drifting off to sleep at work again and not wanting to fork out the money for an even more expensive controlled substance I quit taking all my prescription medicine. A couple of months later my blood pressure shot up and I broke down and filled my prescriptions minus the “awake pills”. Now what???

I’m a big proponent of listening to my body and trying to figure out what it is telling me. Ms Google had all kinds of suggestions about what might be causing this fatigue and I tried a few of them (adrenal, sugar, exercise, etc.) but try as I may, nothing has really and truly helped. One suggestion that kept cropping up during my web searches was something called functional medicine. I won’t even attempt to describe it because I haven’t had my first appointment yet, so please as Siri or Google and they’ll both be happy to explain it to you.

On April 9th I will meet with three people who make up the functional medicine team. If I understand the description correctly there will be an MD, a nutritionist and a physical therapist who will evaluate my symptoms and work with me to find solutions that will help me live a healthy life. I truly and more than 100% believe (and have tried to convince my doctors for YEARS) that most of my health problems are caused by or at least made worse by what I eat. Yes of course I know (and they admit) that a hypoglycemic needs to eat 6 small meals, keep the carbs low and avoid sugar… but what ELSE needs to be done to stay healthy? Yes I KNOW that nightshades increase the inflammation of arthritis and might cause fibromyalgia flareups, but what ELSE does the same thing? Why is it that when I’m out of town and eat pizza my feet and eyes don’t swell up like they do when I’m at home? Do I REALLY have to take gout medicine all my life or can diet make it stay away? Is there a natural cure for hypothyroidism? How about a natural solution to high blood pressure? Are you getting the picture? OK, so if you are in the category of the curious on-looker please join me on this new journey. If you’re already on a similar journey please, by all means share your experiences! Everyone is very different, so what works for one of us might not work for someone else and I certainly have no plans to profess to be an expert. I will, however, gladly share what does or does not work for me.

Happy trails and trials!



Crystal formation from Truvia

This is extraordinarily awesome in real life! It’s the bottom of a container that I’d mixed Truvia and strawberries in this morning. It looks just like ice crystals!

So what does this have to do with my journey? Hmmm, well let’s just say that God is showing me the beauty in common things and it makes me happy!

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I lost 3 pounds!

Last week I got very sick after my annual trek to the doctor for a physical. I don’t know if I picked up a bug while there, reacted to the pneumonia shot or my cold that began the day before blossomed in to the 102+ temp that took me down, but it hit me hard! On a happier note, I lost three pounds! WOOHOO!!!

Now I’m not suggesting that illness is a good way to lose weight, but I did notice a significant shift in my appetite last week. Maybe it’s from being on the Weight Watchers program for four months, but when presented with the opportunity yesterday to buy a huge six inch macadamia nut home baked cookie I had ZERO desire for it!!! That had nothing to do with my cold. It probably had more to do with the fact that I was spending the day with my daughter in our craft booth and was inspired by her lovely much thinner body. Thank you Emily and Weight Watchers!

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