Examples of food I eat. I will eventually add points plus values and as I get more experienced with WW I might even create my own recipes. The top picture here is an unplanned surprise that I found in the break room. Since I didn’t have my veggie straws with lunch today (ran out and have to make a special trip to the only store in town… SAMS CLUB… to buy them) I endulged. I’ve learned in the past that my success will only happen if I allow myself to eat pleasure foods once in awhile. Hey, as long as they’re accounted for in my daily tracker and I’m still getting the required nutrition it’s not a problem! Anyway, this particular indulgence was packed full of blueberries! I couldn’t for the life of me remember what they were called, so looked up blueberry muffins which probably contain far more fat than this little gem, but I figured 4 points was probably close enough. The other picture is what I typically eat M-F at work (ok, so the F at looks too much like Fat…) although usually I have those yummy veggie straws too. The apple isn’t consumed until an hour or so after lunch along with the V-8 low-sodium juice. I forgot to take a snapshot of the oatmeal with strawberries that I have every morning, but will do that on Monday.

ttfn… huggles…



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