Another 5 lb Star!

It felt good to finally lose again after the past couple of weeks! I was down 3.2 which finally takes me over 20 pounds lost. To some, that might not seem like a lot for almost 5 months, but when you consider that I’ve lost a gazillion inches… well okay, not quite a gazillion, but almost TEN INCHES off my hips… I consider that quite a victory!

I got back in to the pair of jeans I wore to New York City in 2001 when I was privileged to accompany my daughter on a trip she won. She submitted artwork that was published on a cd cover for budding young artists and got to attend their concert. I remember thinking that Alicia Keys was going to makes it big and well, can I choose them or what?!? Anyway, I digress… I had altered the waistband on those jeans because it was way too big, then couldn’t wear them because that’s where I put on weight. It felt sooooo good to be able to wear them again and retire some of my fat jeans!

My goal remains 30 pounds by the end of December which will put me over the 50 pound mark. When I finally see that leading number 1 instead of 2 I will do a major happy dance!

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4 responses to “Another 5 lb Star!

  1. Congratulations! I can imagine it must feel great to be able to fit into your old jeans again. And who cares if the weight loss does not go that fast? Baby steps are steps too 🙂
    Best wishes,


  2. :o) YAAAY! That is awesome! I’m so proud of you – you’re doing really great at *staying on track*, which is the KEY to long term success!

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