I lost 3 pounds!

Last week I got very sick after my annual trek to the doctor for a physical. I don’t know if I picked up a bug while there, reacted to the pneumonia shot or my cold that began the day before blossomed in to the 102+ temp that took me down, but it hit me hard! On a happier note, I lost three pounds! WOOHOO!!!

Now I’m not suggesting that illness is a good way to lose weight, but I did notice a significant shift in my appetite last week. Maybe it’s from being on the Weight Watchers program for four months, but when presented with the opportunity yesterday to buy a huge six inch macadamia nut home baked cookie I had ZERO desire for it!!! That had nothing to do with my cold. It probably had more to do with the fact that I was spending the day with my daughter in our craft booth and was inspired by her lovely much thinner body. Thank you Emily and Weight Watchers!

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