WOOHOO I made my 5%!

Weight Watchers sure knew what they were doing when they created those stars for reaching milestones! Even without all the bells and whistles of having a live coach and room full of cheering people it still felt good this morning when the screen flashed that 5% atta girl star! Then I read the next paragraph scolding me for losing over 2 lbs last week (yeah, go figure!) But since my weight loss has been well under the 2 lb per week goal previously I’m not too concerned.

Every time I see my incredible shrinking daughter (down 114 lbs on WW) I get so inspired and know that I can do it too!

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One response to “WOOHOO I made my 5%!

  1. YAY!!! You’ve changed your life – it’s official now! I am so proud of YOU!!!

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