Down .6 again and did 1.3 miles!

Ok, so when does 1.3 miles make me break out in tears? When the song playing on the vintage casette player is EXALT HIM!~ My body, or my feet anyway, won’t let me walk very fast for very long, so I did this on my Gazelle (an eliptical machine with zero impact.) We couldn’t find the dvd that came with it, so I found a casette that said Jan and Dean. Well that sounded upbeat, but it was a different tape in the case. What fun “dancing” to the praise music that was on that tape! So just as I round that mile mark the old familiar praise song came on and it just hit me with such a wave of gratitude that the tears started rolling down my face! I am so thankful to be able to not just DO the mile, but push past it until the tape ended (about 25 minutes).

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2 responses to “Down .6 again and did 1.3 miles!

  1. Oh, what a great ‘AHA’ moment! 1.3 miles is such an awesome accomplishment. I’m hope it made you feel like you were on top of the world!!!

  2. It did make me feel awesome… a little sweaty, but hey that’s a good thing! Oh I finally figured out how to record my new measurements and have lost 5 inches!!! 3 of them off my hips!!! WOOHOO!!!

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