Purses are difficult when you’re fluffy!

I have a problem. It’s called too-much-in-my-pursitis and I don’t know how to cure it! Have you ever dumped the contents of your purse and wondered why in the world you had all that stuff? Well after another very painful arm/shoulder day (this weather is making my arthritis and fibromyalgia flare up) I decided to change to a shoulder purse. Well the purse that I wanted to use just didn’t work because my shoulders are too rounded and it kept slipping off. I love, LOVE the soft supple leather this purse is made of and refuse to get rid of it. So what’s a girl to do when her purse is too heavy and she can’t bear to part with the contents and her favorite purse won’t stay  on her shoulders? Well it’s called a messenger bag or something like that. I bought this bag while on a trip my daughter won to New York City in 2001 so I could carry things around without causing severe back pain. It is okay to a point, but I find it somewhat irritating when it bangs on my thigh as I walk. So you see folks, being fluffy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure we have more padding between us and the pavement if we fall (which I’ve done unfortunately), but these round shoulders just have to go because I want to carry my favorite purse again! Hey, if that’s incentive enough to stick with Weight Watchers then so be it!

For those of you who are visual learners, here’s some shots of my purse issues. There is one showing all the contents, then the empty black purse that I’ll put in my garage sale next month, three pics of that luscious blue leather purse with the velvet lining and lastly there’s fluffy me with the messenger bag and two hungry dogs thinking I must have food in that bag!


2 responses to “Purses are difficult when you’re fluffy!

  1. I know you can’t WAIT to carry that pretty blue purse! It sounds like you’ve made one of your first mini-goals, which are GREAT things to have in place. Go you!

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